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Godmersham's Leading Commercial Storage Specialists

Do you need a secure place to store your furniture, equipment and items while you relocate offices? Reach out to Godmersham and Ashford's commercial storage at Glebe Self Storage now!

Just 30 minutes away from Godmersham, we offer a variety of safe and secure commercial storage solutions. These are ideal for storing filing cabinets, office equipment, furniture and other important documents.

Accessing our personal storage units and containers is simple; just drive straight up to the door! Loading and unloading is quick and stress-free, as well as being situated in a safety-controlled and continuously monitored storage facility. Moreover, each of our commercial storages are accessible on flexible monthly contracts at competitive prices.

If you are based in Godmersham or the local area and are in need of reliable, trusted and affordable commercial storage, give us a call on 01233 732 990. Our self storage rates are highly competitive - we are proud to offer the most cost effective container storage solutions available in Godmersham.

We provide two different sizes of self-storage units and shipping containers: 20ft and 40ft. Depending on the amount of space you require for your commercial needs, you can choose either size and benefit from a rolling monthly contract!

The very best Commercial storage solutions across Godmersham

We are the top self storage providers in Ashford, Kent and Godmersham, offering our clients around the area highly secure yet affordable storage solutions.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial storage options with one of our helpful and friendly team.