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Headcorn's Leading Removals Company!

If you are thinking of moving your Headcorn office or home to another part of Kent or anywhere else across the UK, speak to the trusted removals experts at Glebe Self Storage today!

It might sound obvious to say but moving office or home requires an awful lot of organisation and planning and is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. While you might always co-ordinate with any other people in the chain, it is also incredibly important that you pack, and when necessary, arrange pet or child care for the day too! For these reasons, it is no wonder that moving home or office is one of the most stressful things anyone can do!

Quite often, a removals company will not give you the whole package or even overcharge you. They may break items or not even deliver to the right place! Glebe Self Storage takes pride in being Headcorn's leading removals company, giving you comfort and peace of mind that your possessions and belongings are secure and safe with us.

It's highly unlikely that you will need a large lorry and a comprehensive removals service the majority of the time. In fact, you might just need a man with a van to help you with the removal of heavier or bulkier items. If so, speak to Headcorn and Kent's leading removals company at Glebe Self Storage. We offer a proven, reliable and affordable removals service in and around Kent and will help you get to your new home or office with minimal hassle!

Call us today on 01233 732 990, by mobile on 07857 214546, to learn more about our commercial and domestic removals service and discuss how we can best help you with your house moving requirements. Our removals company has many professional and friendly team members to chat with.

A headcorn removals service to suit any need

Our Headcorn office, commercial and domestic removals services are all entirely flexible and adaptable, meaning that it's very quick and easy for you to choose the level of support and assistance you require. Regardless of whether you need a simple load and unload service or you require your important furniture or possessions to be packed up with specialist packing equipment, we will ensure that absolutely everything gets from your Headcorn premises to your new one quickly and safely. 

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, our Headcorn-based business, commercial and domestic removals team will work at any time that suits you. Our expert packing and removals services are all fully insured, meaning that in the very unlikely event that something gets damaged en-route, you are comprehensively covered by our policy.


Ensure that you work with Headcorn's leading removals company today and get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your latest move. 

Additional storage services on site in Ashford

In the highly unlikely event that there is a delay between moving out of your old home or business premises and into your new one, you can take full advanage of our secure storage facilities. Our secure self storage containers can be rented on a flexible and rolling monthly basis, so there is absolutely no need to worry if your move takes a little longer than expected.


For full details on our Headcorn removals and man and a van services, contact us today on 01233 515768, by mobile on 01233 732 990, to find out how we can help and obtain a quote.